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The West End Community Development Center is located at 404 Vardry Street in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Since its completion in 2001 the center has been home to a diverse series of clients.

More About Us

  • Health- Meals to homeless, health screening, health awareness (cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc…
  • Education- Community resources
  • Spiritual- Our partnership with the AME church and with other local churches allows us to team up to for outreach programs where they can bring people in for support, counseling and fellowship.

West End Community Development Center

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Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with our great service team and staff.

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Our Mission

The West End Community Development Center is faith based organization devoted to bringing community services to Greenville that support health, educational and spiritual growth.

Our Values

Our desire is to enrich lives through partnerships with organizations that are health-conscious, education-minded, and spiritually tolerant.

Our Solution

We have decided to be self-supported and non-profit so that we can provide services to other non-profits and organizations that promote the values we believe are most important.


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