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Our Core Service

At the core of our service is enriching lives in 4 main areas: Education, Health, Spiritual, & Physical. The layers that surround that core and support that core are our various spaces and your usage of them.

We Do Our Best

We are strategically located in downtown Greenville next to Fluor Field and like to highlight your event as special.

  • Personal Events (Weddings, Graduations, Retirements, Community Sponsored Seminars & Trainings)
  • Productions (Plays, dramas, concerts)
  • Sporting Events (Basketball, Volleyball, Ballet, & other indoor sports)
  • Summer Enrichment is a great service for youths during months out of school

Why Should You Choose Us?

Less than 10% of our revenue is grant-based, so every time you support the West End you support an organization that is not causing your taxes to be raised, nor relying on grant monies that may disappear. You are supporting a hard-working organization that gives more than it takes.

The West End is a Community Partner. We work with the United Way of Greenville, the Urban League, New Horizon, Greenville Hospital System, Minority Economic Development Institute, and are open to every ethnic group, nationality, religion, and value diversity.

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